Integrity has its price . . .

Famine threatens the kingdom while neither priest nor sage can decipher the king's Horus dream. The slave drawn from the garrison is a sand dweller, a vile Asiatic from beyond the northern borders of Egypt. His interpretation seems at first a desperate snatch at freedom, but when his words prove true, he is raised to inconceivable heights

The courtiers of the king's house are fascinated with the god-kissed Asiatic. But when Yoseph’s astute sense of order reveals extortion, the king must check the integrity of his officials or remain a pawn of his own government. 

Yoseph has paid the price for integrity. The first of heavy fines were exacted by jealous brothers, the next by his master's lascivious wife. As vizier, he confronts corruption with the authority of a king's seal. 

And this time, integrity might cost him everything


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About R. Rushing

If you’ve ever heard someone sniffing back tears in the movie theater during a Lord of the Rings battle scene, it might have been R. Rushing. She’s always had a penchant for majestic battles, soulish struggles, kingdom intrigues, and complicated romance. 



Regina reads the Bible with open-mouthed fascination. There’s enough political and kingdom intrigue, battles and conflict for a lifetime of lessons.

Rushing lives in Virginia with her husband, Ben, and loves to write fiction in the vein of compelling stories such as Ben-Hur, The Robe, and Voice in the Wind. 


Seal of the Sand Dweller is her debut novel and the first installment in 'The Servant Ruler' series.

I hope you’re compelled to join me as I talk about God through the lives of fictional characters and the choices they make.


Long before biblical patriarchs were the fabulous rock stars we make them out to be, they were first men, prone to failure who chose the ways of God and came to trust Him. 

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to take another look at God who redeems us from the bad choices we make and guides us through the hard ones. 

He is incredible.


© 2018  R.Rushing.