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Short and Sweet Bio

R. Rushing has a penchant for majestic battles, soulish struggles, kingdom intrigues, and complicated romance. She reads the Bible with open-mouthed fascination. There are enough political and kingdom intrigue, battles, and conflict for a lifetime of lessons. 

She recently moved to Florida but travels with her husband who works all over the country. R. Rushing loves to write fiction in the vein of compelling stories such as Ben-Hur, The Robe, and Voice in the Wind.

Seal of the Sand Dweller is her debut novel and the first installment in The Servant Ruler series.

Long Bio for the Curious Observer

The truth is out. My first name is not R, it's Regina. A second painful truth that threatens to ostracize me from all  warm and friendly connections I've made in most southern states...I have no middle name. Nope, not the slightest Lee to be found. 

I'm a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from the heart of the inner-city, around  40th and Fairmount Avenue. My husband, Ben, walked  past my house, often, wondering who lived there.  We both knew all the same people but  never actually met until I was fifteen. 

God’s timing is everything.

I’ve always wanted to write. Dreamed of it. Craved it. But it was  Ben who shoved me onto the path, driving me from Virginia to a writers conference  in Colorado where Francine Rivers was speaking.  I was grateful, hopeful, and happy to be there until I got a free editorial overview of my first chapter of ‘Potipherah’s Daughter’. Lots of  red marks on that first chapter, very pretty.

My tender heart decided right then and there, that I wasn’t an author and that I had wasted my husband’s vacation days. I was miserable in that room full of successful, ‘know-what-they’re-doing writers and on the verge of bursting into tears when, who but, Francine Rivers came and sat right next to me at a table.


Flip me over and call me well-done, because that’s exactly what I was.

Hey, God’s timing is everything.

The ladies and I sitting at the table got a fifteen-minute talk on how to write Biblical fiction with respect for the Bible. At the end of our little chat I was still about to burst into tears. But these were tears of joy.  I just sat with my favorite author in the whole world. I took plenty of notes when my hand finally stopped shaking. Needless to say, I left the writer’s conference levitated in the car, all the way back  to Virginia. 

This is just part of my story and testimony I offer it in hopes that you will not give up on your own dreams, whatever they are.  They are supposed to be scary, and sometimes you are suppose to fail.


I am learning that this is part of the process of 'becoming'.  Welcome it and speak life over your hopes and dreams because you will have whatever you say.  



Just remember that God’s timing is everything.  






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