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Seal Of The Sand Dweller: Appipa and Aa't

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Well, it might, depending on the apple. Each apple hits the ground differently. Some bruise early, some taste sweeter. Thank God I'm not an apple. I have a choice.

Appipa and Aa't are like two apples on the same tree, being twin-born sisters of a noble house. The two take it upon themselves to seek out the king for the purpose of marriage and to end the ancient blood rival between that of King Khakheperre and their father Lord Deduamen who is governor of a province.

One's blood connections could hold status so great, that often that blood was kept all in the family…I'm talking incest.

Eventually, there was a poetic balance to their story. Oh, the fun I had in creating them.

It's not a pretty subject but it was a practice of both noble and royal houses in Ancient Egypt. These great family lines, like Roman emperors, strove to prove a lineage tracing back to the gods themselves. And this royal and holy blood was not to be tainted by mingling it with those of lesser status. Poor Appipa and Aa't are trapped in the expectations of those born of a great house. You may guess the burden laid upon these poor girls who are of marriageable age.

Now if that isn’t enough, one sister takes the high road to get the king's attention and one takes the low. Their reactions prove that even with a shared origin of knowledge and experience, we still interpret things according to what our hearts uniquely dictate to our minds and mouths.

One could say we see the glass half-full or half-empty…but it's more than that. Even a half-empty glass offers a million directions we might take. That’s how unique we are. And sometimes our choices affect those around us. Choose wisely.

Visit the Cast of Characters page to hear all the story names pronounced.

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