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Seal Of The Sand Dweller: Lord Reniqer

It has proven quite a feat to reach a ripe old age in this world with a clean heart and a clear head. The surrounding corruption is so disheartening that we’re battle-worn and tempted to keep our mouths shut about everything, even things that matter.

Who could have known a productive life requires such courage and resilience? Our high ideals are at constant war with the urge to make ourselves comfortable and hide under a rock until it’s all over.

Yet, there are trailblazers among us who stand like proverbial pillars, facing down injustice like bull-dogs. These stalwart comrades prove that good leadership doesn’t always hold a title or wear a badge. They hold the line even when facing giants with no more than a sling and a stone.

In Seal Of The Sand Dweller, Lord Reniqer is a man of rock-solid convictions, rebuffing the underhanded bribery he often witnesses in the king’s house. Though brusque in his manner, he’s full of good intentions.

But, neither good intentions nor sound convictions can save us on the day we stubbornly refuse wise counsel. We could all stand a little temperance to balance our zeal, meekness to balance our pride, and common sense to balance our courage.

We, like the world itself, are transient. Things change. Only God's truth is absolute.

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