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Seal Of The Sand Dweller: The Joseph Effect

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

It took me quite some time to write Seal Of The Sand Dweller. I didn’t just want to write a story about Joseph, I wanted to place him in an authentic Ancient Egyptian setting and show a plausible ripple effect of his faith and character on those surrounding him.

How did the courtiers of the king’s house view an Asiatic sand dweller who rose from slavery to such heights of power? How might their lives have been changed by Joseph and his faith in his god?

Joseph was the spoiled son of his father Jacob, but as a slave, he had probably learned to be a careful and meticulous man. Staying in his master’s favor was paramount.

He was audacious, and perhaps a bit arrogant in his efforts to get results, traits never lost from his youth as the beloved son of a favored wife. But he would need great confidence in Ancient Egypt, a society deeply prejudiced against foreigners.

Joseph's name is changed to Yoseph in the story.

Yet, Joseph changed the fate of a nation. His peers could have easily seen the powerful Asiatic vizier as either a breath of fresh air or a threat to their traditions. Eventually, they had to respect him for being so determined. After all, his god was with him.

Joseph not only experienced success…he survived it. And that is what makes his story so glorious and memorable.

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