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Seal Of the Sand Dweller: The Royal Princes

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I've got a thing for palace intrigues, enough to key in on even the minor story players in Seal of the Sand Dweller.

Psalm 105: 22 further intrigued me by stating the king gave Joseph power to direct the royal princes.

Ameny, Dagi, and Neheri are three Egyptian princes in the story. We can quickly identify Prince Ameny's role as the king's elder brother who did not ascend to the throne but plans for it just the same.

Dagi and Neheri are working class princes holding royal status but with no funds to support it. These two young lords are both impoverished by some obscured family circumstances and live among several hundred courtiers who depend on the king's good graces. However, both young men eventually seek to advance themselves through serving in some palace administrative task.

Abundant in supply, the royal prince jockeyed for favor at court as much as anyone.

I like their peculiar situation, their state of lack. This is not the standard situation for a prince, but it provides a meatier aspect of story for a writer. The state of lack in our own lives can become a great motivator to find value beyond the scope of material wealth. Being without the things we think we need has the potential to bring out the best in us.

Think about it.

How many people have hit the lottery jackpot only to see their lives diminish to a heap of nothingness?

Just because money is power doesn’t always mean it's the answer. Money is a tool. But without material wealth, we are forced to use another tool…hunger. Whatever its motivation, it forces us to compensate for lack of wealth through opportunity, creativity, and innovation.

Hunger drives us to discovery. We birth new ideas when we evaluate, make plans, then move forward with intent. Or we can take a 'woe is me' approach and decide that life is over by drowning in the state of lack.

Princes Ameny, Neheri, and Dagi are forced to grow something in the soil of discomfort. What about you?

Inferior circumstances can be a very fertile place for good or bad things to flourish. But I encourage you to grow the good. There are seeds of new opportunity, new direction and a clearer vision of purpose buried somewhere in the soil of your discomfort. Something good is ready to be fed by your hunger...and grow.

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